AntiSpy 5.1

AntySpy looks for spy programs and ads and deletes them from your PC.
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AntySpy looks for spy programs and ads and deletes them from your PC. These spy software, secretly control your system and send all the activity of your PC.
These spy software also make the PC processes to run very slow because they are constantly trying to connect to the Internet. Most spy software set up connections to control your keyboard and Internet activities, these connections always work in a hidden place even when you do not use the Internet.
Some codes in these spy applications may have some errors may be wrong and the errors or malfunctioning of the spy software can make your PC to work very slowly. You will never know you have spy software running unless you use spy ware software.

AntiSpy scans the registry, hard disk and memory of your system in order to find out spy software such as those of the advertising industry which are so annoying because they are almost always pop up windows that get opens when we visit a site, also the Trojan, cookies, surveillance programs, worms, malicious software, P@P, Nukers, and so many other components that you will never imagine.
All of them gather information about the activity in your computer and send to people that afterwards can get into your PC and do whatever they want to.

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  • It has a big data base


  • It is a little too heavy to keep it running all the time
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